Losing weight and getting healthy has nothing to do with Luck.  You have to remain disciplined and focused.  Set your sights on your goals and go after it!

I wish you Good Focus!

My Weight loss journey failed when I focused on HOW.  It wasn’t until I switched my focus to WHY that I truly transformed myself.

Part of my accountability is that I Weigh myself just about every day.  Using my Nokia BodyCardio Scale and IFTTT the data is auto tweeted, auto posted to facebook, and updated right here as well.  I’ve been doing this for long enough to understand that it’s just data.  I weigh the same whether I get on the scale or not.  At least If I have this data point, I can formulate a plan!

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The Career

Sergeant FatDag, began his military career in 1992 with the Maine Air National Guard as an Air Traffic Control Radar Maintenance technician.  He has deployed numerous times in support of Operation Joint Guard, and Operation Joint Endeavor to Turkey, and Hungary.  He has served honorably with the New Hampshire Air National Guard, and the National Guard Bureau in Washington, DC  and is currently the Superintendent of Recruiting and Retention for the State of Indiana.

The Accolades

His distinguished career has earned him numerous awards and decorations.  His resume includes two national awards:  The Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems, maintainer of the year (1997), and the Rookie Recruiter of the Year for the Air National Guard (2002).  His military decorations include: The Meritorious Service Medal twice, The Air Force Commendation Medal 3 times, the Air Force Achievement Medal 4 times, the Outstanding Military Volunteer Servie Medal, The Combat Readiness Medal and the National Defense Service Medal.

The Struggle

Despite a successful career, Sergeant FatDag has struggled with the Air Force fitness test for most of his career.  Multiple failures, missed assessments, and a pattern of just barely passing the test linger in the shadows of an otherwise flawless career.  Not able to run, topping the scales at 263.5 lbs. with a 47 inch abdominal circumference.  When the decision came to fight or flight, he decided to fight.  He was finally able to tap into the success that powered his career and apply that mindset to a “Fit to Fight” attitude.

The Comeback

January 5th, 2016, he went back to the basics. he dug deep, took a hard look internally and focused his way to a goal weight of 175lbs.  His WHY never asked for anything other than the strength to work the program consistently and now shares his journey, to help you write your own!

When I started, I didn’t believe this was possible.  I didn’t think – “I hope I can be in a commercial or I hope I can be in a Magazine”, or anything like that. I just wanted to lose the weight once and for all. I found people who believed in me, until I could believe in myself. Now that I’ve found success – I want you to join me, because I believe in you!


Get Back on Track! – Stay on Track!

It’s true – we all get off track at some point.  That’s inevetable.  The key is to not stay off track.  If you’re reading this, you’re on track.  You’re mentally in the game.  Even if you’re struggling, you’re still mindful of what you want to do. You’re strong today.   You started this journey for a reason, the reason will always be here, until you completely solve it.

I’ve developed an email reminder every few weeks to do nothing more than to remind you to get back on track, or celebrate if you are on track. When you get off track, my hope is that this email reminds you of today, reminds you of why you started and gets you back on track sooner, rather than later.

The only thing quitting gets you, is a new start date later on!