As always it was an amazing weekend. I’m home, rested and re-energized. Spending Memorial Day at Folds of Honor HQ and The Patriot Golf Club, Owasso, OK is special. It goes well beyond celebrity appearances and Budweiser though. 
Looking through my highlight reel, it shows the amazing support and all the great times we had. What it doesn’t show is the pain that brings us all together.  
The reason I choose to spend the weekend in Tulsa with group of Patriots is because the holiday has a special meaning and that is clearly evidente beyond the photos. We have lost many great men and women in defense of our freedom and as we laugh, celebrate, toast in their honor, we never forget their heroism. In fact a celebration of this nature ensures that Memorial Day, extends far beyond a weekend in May.  
This event carries me through the next twelve months and makes we want to work even harder to remember and honor their sacrifice on a daily basis. That’s what it’s all about, and I’m honored to be able to spend it this way! 
As we disburse nearly $13 million dollars this year, we are reminded that there is still much work to be done. The families of our fallen are grateful for your continued support and so am I. is your opportunity to contribute financially if you feel compelled to do so.