Thank you!Thank you!
Thank you for listening to #WhysAdvice. Less than three months ago – I got a crazy idea to start a #podcast. I barely knew what it was – but had no idea how to create it. 
I did however know “Why” I needed to. There are stories out there that largely go untold. I love giving your story a voice. It’s that voice that makes it to the ears of another and changes all three of our lives!
As we share in connect – we reach those who are already working the program. When you share on #WhysAdvice we reach the rest of the world. 
The courage you display as you type out your thoughts and send them to me is amazing. I know hitting send is scary – when I posted my first post on connect I felt it as well. But the emails I receive tell me it was all worth it. 
Thank you for always being here for me – and for each other. We are an amazing community! Thank you for allowing me to give your story a voice to reach others!
With that said, if you’re holding back – stop. There is something incredibly therapeutic about putting it out there! 
Click The Listen Now link on and send it in!


I’m honored to be your #Wingman as we walk this journey together!
I Believe in You!