As you know Withings and I have teamed up – they are an amazing company that has provided the tools I’ve used to be successful with my daily weighing.  They recognized my hard work and asked me to join the team – the details are still being flushed out, but it’s very exciting for me to be recognized by a leader in the health and wellness space as an influencer.

As of Today, Withings has joined the Nokia Family.  The new name is Nokia Health! This is great news, and I’m very glad to hear that all of the existing products will still be supported, and the Health Mate App looks fantastic!  I’ve used that app to provide all of the scale data that I’ve used during my transformation.

I just didn’t want you to get confused when I start saying Nokia Health BodyCardio Scale and SteelHR.  It’s the same product and support, just a new name!

Your Wingman,



I love my BodyCardio Scale and Weigh Myself Daily – Here is the Amazon Link in case you’re interested.