When I’m out of points – I stop eating points! I’m still able to eat, but I go to zero point foods to help train my brain. Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Strawberries and Watermelon are my go to fruits. I’m not a great vegetable eater, so peas(2SP), green beans, cucumbers and pickles round out my “most common” list.

Here is how I make it work!

Since we know these foods are zero points – NOT Zero Calories – we still need to have them in moderation, but at 11pm I’d rather have my 5th apple for the day than a sugar bomb with chocolate chips!

When I’m focused on losing weight – I track what I eat. During the weight loss part of my journey I didn’t have a cheat day, or a cheat meal. I track every bite to include ketchup and TicTacs. When I run out of points I will use my weeklies if I need to – but if I can satisfy the craving with fruit and veggies I do that first.

I needed to reprogram my brain and constantly going negative in my tracker was not working the plan – it was nothing more than documenting the behavior that kept me overweight. I wanted my body to change – so I had to change my behavior.

By tracking and going negative I was able to see the data – and then make adjustments to get the results I wanted. If I got to dinner and I was out of points I looked back at the day to see where I could improve.

It was here when I started adding fruits and vegetables into my day as a substitute for things with points that caused me to be out of points quickly.

This learned behavior now has me craving fruit with just about every meal and that keeps me satisfied so I have points left all day!

Look at your tracker from yesterday. Where can your make adjustments so that you have more points left later in the day?

Could you have had a banana instead of the bag of chips? Those 6 points would taste a whole lot better at dinner time!

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I’m truly honored to be your #Wingman as we walk this journey together because I believe in you.

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