On the left I wasn’t wearing a belt. The largest one they make – didn’t fit. On the right I’m wearing the smallest one they make!
Today was the first time I walked down the hall to the restroom without my top. I don’t recall doing that EVER in the last 20 years. 
When I reached out on connect – at 263.5lbs and just months away from being kicked out of the military – I needed your help – but I didn’t know what that meant. 
At my darkest hour, I took a risk. I exposed the pain and secret that haunted me. I say secrets, but apparently it was only a secret to me. I wasn’t fooling anyone. I was a poor example of what a Fit Airman looked like. 
As I asked for help – this community responded and took me under your wing and showed me some amazing possibilities. I simply kept going and learning from those who went before me. I started to believe in the possibilities. 
If it was not for the success of others, showing what that path looked like, I might have not dared to walk the path. Seeing the strength and courage of you walking with me, was powerful. 
Together we worked the plan, and we are still working the plan. I’m committed to this community because you saved my life! You are my hero – because you’re still here! Regardless of if you were here from day one or if this is your day one – you’re helping build a successful community of winners!  
Thank you for being my #wingman – I’m truly honored to be yours!
This community is Pure Gold! I treasure it as such!