I went completely off the rails from the Friday before Christmas through Christmas Day.  I didn’t track, ate whatever I wanted and ate too much. The scale reflects it. The upside is that I didn’t eat nearly as much as in the past and I did actually take a bite of a few things, decide they weren’t good enough and tossed them in the trash. I’m not upset, I’m more contemplative


This morning (December 26, 2017) I was listening to the Whys Advice podcast, thinking about why I went off the rails. What happened? At the same time, I was thinking about my day, planning what to eat to get back on program.  All these words were swirling around my head: complacency, how, why, Freestyle, tracking…and it hit me. Freestyle. I’ve been complacent since the implementation of the new program. I had found my groove on Smartpoints. I had a weekday routine and a weekend routine and things were basically on auto-pilot. Because I had established a routine, or habits, Smartpoints enabled me to focus on my WHY. The HOW part really didn’t take much thought. With the introduction of Freestyle, my focus has shifted back to HOW and my WHY has taken a backseat. (Ok, it’s more like my WHY has been tossed out the window, run over and left for dead in the dust of Freestyle transitioning.)


When I first started Weight Watchers, my focus was completely on HOW to lose the weight. I found Whys Advice fairly early on, but I still had that “new member” motivation.  This worked out well for me, because I got to hear all about WHY being so important for weeks while I established those new habits and before my motivation began to wane. It was when that new member eagerness began to fade that I really took the time to think about my reasons for wanting to lose weight and discovered my WHY. You can read about that here.


The introduction of the new program happened at a time when I’m starting to feel really good about where I am. I’m starting to look in the mirror and not hate how I look. I have lost that desperation, despair, sadness and self-loathing that prompted me to join Weight Watchers. In a word, I am complacent.


WARNING Off topic paragraph ahead: For me, change is difficult.  It’s not that I hate change, I’m actually one of those people who really believe that, a lot of the time, change is good! But, I don’t transition easily. For example, About 2 months ago, my husband’s schedule shifted by one hour. I have still not adapted. Many of my morning and evening routines were upset. My sleep pattern was interrupted. I have not settled into new routines and habits.  It’s not as easy as just changing my routines to match his schedule because I have schedules of my own to meet. I have to actually develop whole new routines, which means switching tasks to completely different times. Sounds easy, but my brain struggles with it.  


Ok, back to the subject.  When my complacency hit around the same time as the change in the program occurred, followed closely by my absolute favorite holiday,  that became a perfect recipe for me to go flying off the rails, taking a lengthy detour to Indulgence-ville.  


So, how do I get off of this crazy train and get back on program? I have to refocus on my WHY. This seems counterintuitive to me.  Since the program changed, I need to focus on HOW to work the program, right?? Well, yes, but that comes in a minute.


You see, when I first joined WW, I thought I was focusing on HOW first, but really I had my WHY(at least my initial WHY) already firmly in place. I was MISERABLE in my body. I wanted DESPERATELY to lose weight. This feeling was fueling my motivation and determination, which in turn gave me the power and discipline to work the HOW of learning the plan. Now that the plan has changed, I need to tap into the power of my WHY once again, in order to fuel the motivation and discipline necessary to learn the new plan and establish new habits and routines. Freestyle is not the problem! Where I have been directing my focus is!


Today, I am reading my WHY in my journal, really letting it soak in, letting it fuel my passion for getting healthy.  It is through the power of my WHY that I will be able to learn the new HOW.


How about you?  Has the change in HOW sapped your motivation?  Where is your focus?  Take a little time to remember your WHY.  Let it seep back in, empowering you to carry on.  Once your WHY is back in its place, the HOW will take its place as well!


I love walking this journey with you, crazy train detours and all!




SGSW is a how to WHY convert, wife, mom, Nana, lover of God, people and self.  A California native, she is currently living and loving life in beautiful North Carolina.  When she isn’t managing the craziness at work, she is enjoying the (barely) organized chaos at home, looking for her next favorite path to let her feet fly over the earth, planning her next scuba diving adventure with her husband or just relaxing and soaking up time with loved ones. The opinions expressed here are her own and do not represent the views of Weight Watchers, Fatdag, or any of their affiliates, nor do her opinions constitute medical advice. She can be reached at sgsw@wyoopsep.com or followed on twitter @SGStrongWhy and she wishes you good focus!