Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight are completely different.  Losing weight, for me, had a specific start date, a target weight and it had an end date.  That end date, immediately turned into my new “BirthDate”.  September 20th, 2016 is a day I will celebrate annually. It’s the day I got a new chance at life as a healthy, happy adult.  Something I had never had before.

During the weight loss journey there were constant reminders and accolades that confirmed I was on the right path.  Every time someone said – “Have you lost weight?” it was my chance to smile and explain.  I weighed in weekly looking for a lower number on the scale, when it was lower than the week before, it motivated me to keep going.  Every time I purchased a new piece of clothing, in a smaller size, it motivated me to keep going.  So as the weight loss journey started to wind down I needed to make a plan to keep the accountability and victories at the top of my mind so that I could be successful for life. That’s what this site is!

The Connect Community provided a great deal of motivation and inspiration along the way, and continues to do so.  I get a ton of joy watching others reach goals they didn’t think were possible.  I used to pay $44.95 for my WW membership – and now that I reached lifetime, that money will simply get invested into this site to give back to the community that helped me unconditionally.   While each of us have a responsibility to ourselves to figure out which advice, tools, tricks, tips work best for our journey, I will share many of the things that I tried.  I will tell you what worked, and what didn’t.  It’s up to you to take the information I provide and see how and if it fits into your journey.  There is more than one way to be successful, use the parts of my journey that apply to find your own.

There is one sure way to fail though and thats by giving up – don’t do that!  Ever!

I’m not a doctor.  I never went to medical school.  I am not a personal trainer.  The two degrees I have are in no way related to this journey.  So you should get some real advice before starting any exercise or weight loss plan.  I’m just here to show you what worked for me and encourage you to not give up on your dreams!

FatDag is a Weight Watcher’s leader, however the opinions and statements stated here and in the Whys Advice Podcast are his own.  

They do not express the views of Weight Watchers.