I’m eating my way out of the Air Force.  I will be separated just short of reaching a full retirement if I don’t find the motivation to get my weight under control. 

I’ve been successful with WW in the past, just enough to get through the next PT test.  This time – I have a much bigger hill to climb as I’ve neglected the PT test too long. 

This is my before picture (taken today) – I weighed in this morning at 261lbs.  My Goal – 199lbs in 12 months or less! I have a WW coach, a strong family, and you! 

Let’s Go!

On March 8th 2016, I posted the above message on the Weight Watchers App, “Connect” – it was a cry for help because I was out of options and I was looking for some accountability as I embarked on a weight loss journey one more time.  The community immediately responded in force with over 8000 post likes, and nearly 2000 comments of encouragement.  It motivated me like nothing ever has – I knew that day I was going to make my goal – I wasn’t going to let the community down.

Now that I’ve reached my weight loss goal, I want to give back the the community that gave me my life back.  I dedicate this page to the members of “Connect” – Thank You for being a great Wingman!

I will always be your wingman!


I started the journey alone. I was in a very dark place emotionally and it all hindered around my self esteem and being considerably overweight. I was 263 lbs and on the verge or losing my career and much of my life.

I instantly found a group in the Weight Watchers Connect app, I call my #wingman and that kept me motivated enough to lose around 40lbs. While I credit them for getting me back on track, the 40lbs – I had lost many times on Weight Watchers, so I was far from “cured”. I managed to push on to lose about 20 more with their ever lasting love and support. It felt great. But I was still just a smaller version of my unhealthy fat self. I hadn’t completed the mind shift necessary to sustain this long term.

In July I started to get some attention from the Weight Watchers marketing people – I was considered for a commercial spot and it went to my head a little. In some ways it threw me off of MY plan. Around that same time a few others were getting similar attention and we all met in Boston to attend a meeting and say hello. It was a great weekend – and hearing first hand the stories of similar people motivated me to break free from my weight issues for good. This event is where I learned, I no longer want to be over weight ever again. I left there laser focused.

The emotional roller coaster that has transpired since this event rattled me at times, but I remembered the words of my leader – “Keep your “why” close by”. So in August, I went back to the basics. I dug deep, took a hard look internally and focused my way to my goal weight of 175lbs – It’s neat to see the event mentioned in the current Weight Watchers magazine. I will forever remember this day as a turning point in my journey, but it could have easily ended differently.

My WHY never asked for anything other than the strength to work the program consistently. When I joined, I didn’t think – I hope I can be in a commercial or I hope I can be in a Magazine, or anything like that. I just wanted to lose the weight once and for all.
My “Why” was for me. At times I’ve shared bits and pieces of it, but it’s a personal story that I needed to write and live out – for me. So, today still, I focus primarily on me. I have a real good handle on my new lifestyle and I love sharing my journey with anyone who needs the support of a #wingman, but the true work has to be done on your own.

The program works – if you want it, its here, and I’m here for you as you look for yourself.

Thank you for being an awesome #wingman.