You rock! And you have the most soothing, relaxing voice. It is a pleasure to listen to you. You have a gift and thank you and your family for giving us your time and for sharing it. 

London, England, Whys Advice Podcast Listener

Thanks for your podcast–it’s really helping to keep my head in the game–I listen everyday and trying to catch up to your current podcast.


Boston, MA, Whys Advice Podcast Listener

Decided to bring you along & listens to your most recent 3 podcasts which were awesome!! Got so into listening to them before I knew it I had walked 3.2 miles & 7000 steps! Thanks for the inspiration & support.

Now I’m fired up to stay focused and keep going strong. Loved your podcasts. You, my friend, have a special gift & way with words. I’ll be taking you walking again tomorrow morning or maybe even tonight! Great to have you be my side as my wingman.


Seattle, WA, Whys Advice Podcast Listener

I started listening last night. I’ve been in a terrible slump since Feb.  I had lost 75lbs but gained 20 back and haven’t been to a meeting in a couple of weeks, so it may be more.

Listening to your podcast about finding motivation and being disciplined just grabbed me.  I made my lunch for the next day. I slept well, got up at 7am to exercise before work.  Had and awesome SP day and took a breather from my desk midday and walked.  

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to make these sessions to share your experience. It is just what I needed.  I listended to 2 more while I ate lunch today and plan on continuing.  I’ll be at my meeting Friday.  Thank you for being there when I needed it the most – and there’s 40+ episodes just waiting for me like a gift.

Name Redacted

WW Connect, Whys Advice Podcast Listener

I just wanted to thank you so much for this podcast. I came across it when I was on the verge of giving up and with one episode, I refocused my why. My why ensures that I can’t give up, because there is too much at stake.

You have such a gift of encouragement and I can’t thank you enough for sharing it. My toolbox includes this podcast, WW, and a few good friends on Connect to get me through. You are an inspiration, Dag! Thank you for your service to our country as well!


Atlanta, GA, Whys Advice Podcast Listener

You did it again, perfect timing, you brought me to tears today, I havent been too bad or too good but on plan, but decided this morning to cancel. As I was on the phone on hold I thought let me scroll one more time and see what y’all are doing.  I ran across a podcast I somehow missed, playing it waiting on hold I heard you loud and clear as if my house made no noise, the whys.  Just as you finished the lady says “Can I help you?, hello are you there?” and I said “nevermid I remember my WHYS”.

Love to you for being our … my wingman, thank your wife and daughter for all of us for the time you do this for us and are not with them. Please let them kow you’re a superhero saving hearts, families and lives. God Bless You.


WW Connect, Whys Advice Podcast Listener

Just want to say thank you so much for what you do. I have listened to all your shows. It is a great start to my day, particularly in the morning early when I Rise and Shine with coffee. Just like you, I made lifetime in 2016 and now work for Weight Watchers in Florida. I joined Weight Watchers January 2016 when I heard Oprah on the TV saying she’d reimburse me to lose 10 pounds . I joined January 28, made goal May 23, so I’m at my year anniversary this month and made lifetime in June 2016 . Although I’ve listened to so many of your podcast over the past months, I only just today listened to your original why introduction. Wow, I really loved hearing your story. I somewhat feel like I lived it with you


Jacksonville, FL, Whys Advice Podcast Listener